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Miami Painting No.1

Posted on: September 11, 2008

So far so good. As you can see I have begun working on the details here…

Painting Close-Up  (Update 09/09/08)

Painting Close-Up (Update 09/09/08)

Update on my latest painting inspired from a trip to Miami 06. The painting so far, the top end is just about finished, still have the car park, people and signage to complete…

Untitled as of yet ( 100cm x 89cm, Acrylic on Canvas)

Untitled as of yet ( 100cm x 89cm, Acrylic on Canvas)

A refined sketch of the figures to feature in the final painting, the girl will feature throughout the series I have planned to create. Each painting will form part of a narrative.

Ink pen on paper

Ink pen on paper

A refined sketch of the building

Black Ink on paper

Black Ink on paper

This sketch was recorded near the top of ‘Collins Avenue’ where I noticed the same woman I had early seen at the bottom of ‘CA’ which is a long road running from the base of the Miami Coast line up to the top. The lady stuck out in my mind as she was wearing bright red with white top featuring cherries (couldn’t miss her really).

I like the idea of time in art and the idea of linking several paintings with a storyline which when presented as a whole makes sense, but when displayed as an individual piece takes on a whole different perspective. There is also an underlying theme featured in the work which will carry on through the following paintings in the series.

Ink on paper

Ink on paper


8 Responses to "Miami Painting No.1"

are you an artist or something..nice sketches

just popped over from FuelMyBlog…..

How cool is your art work? I love it 🙂

i really like the reflections of the man and woman shown in the glass window; it’s a detail i definitely would have forgotten to add in. this is why i am not an artist.

i think the painter on the ladder looks like he’s painting the scene itself, in a way, because of how far away from the building he would have to be if he was standing on the ladder. i don’t know if that makes sense. it’s a cool thing to think about.


Thank you for the compliment Katherine…

Yep you picked up on the theme the painter is in fact painting the scene…bit cheeky I know.

Not finished it yet but when I add the detail and shadow to him it will create the optical illusion I envisaged.


I’ve been loving looking through your posts. I love getting to see the process behind a painting – its like getting a firsthand look at an artists sketchbook. As someone viewing a finished piece it means you get to feel so much more intimately linked with it. Thanks for sharing!

Fancy a blogroll exchange by the way?

Hi Chantal

Thank you for your compliment and I like the fact people have more access to the creative process and the possibility of contributing to it.

Many of the current ‘Art Brands’ the media loves to hate have had great success in creating artwork which is inaccessible or difficult for the majority of us to connect with.

It is my aim through this blog to connect with my potential audience and for all viewers to have a greater understanding of my personal perspective of the world I see and record.

Yep I will include you on my ‘Blogroll’ Chantel


P.S who ever coined the term ‘Blogroll’ has a very funny sense of humor 🙂

I was just looking through your blog. Good stuff here. I like your detailed sketches prior to your actual painting. I tend to do a really rough sketch and play around with the paint until I “see” how I want it to be. It’s good to see how another artist aproaches a painting.

I’ll pop back to see how it turns out.


Thank you for your feedback much appreciated. I love to see how different Artist work and this ‘Blogging’ or ‘Art Logging’ is an amazing tool to see into the world of practicing Artists.

As your blog does it’s my intention to be totally transparent from the initial spark of an idea, to a study in the open world to the progression of a final painting. Most Galleries and academics shriek when I tell them how I publish my work online at every step of the way but I guess that is for them to worry about not me as an artist.

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