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Kings Cross Study, London

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Biro on paper, A4(2008)

Biro on paper, A4(2008)

A close up of the second sketch I did whilst visiting London (King Cross Train station) last week. The original sketch below was recorded in the evening rush hour. 

There is a distinct difference between the morning and evening peak times. I observed a sense of auto pilot in the morning, almost robot like, as everyone bobs up and down leaving the train towards the city. I thought this would make a striking painting at first and decided I would get back to the train station early that evening to record what I had witnessed…problem was it was a now a very different scenario I was presented with.

Allot more life, urgency and chaos unfolded in the train station, more people bumping into each other, people weaving in and out of the crowd. You will notice in the second drawing I have tried to introduce this into the composition and I will be experimenting with this when I get round to painting the final concept.

Biro on Paper, A3 (2008)

Biro on Paper, A3 (2008)

I redrew my original study last night, I removed the arrivals and destination board as it complicates the composition and I like the image without this distraction. I guess the final painting will leave the viewer asking what are they looking at unless you know the story behind it of coarse.

Biro on paper (a4) study, 2008

Biro on paper (a4) study, 2008

It was quiet difficult to draw from life on this study by the time I looked up to record my next set of marks the crowd had evolved again, different people, different life’s, different destinations and different journeys. It’s my intention to develop this image further and will probaly experiment with acrylic on canvas paper before tackling the final painting.

I always draw from life where possible…why you ask? it adds a sense of depth and time to a picture, when we draw from photographs or other media paintings or studies tend to look lifeless or a little static, especially when the subject matter is constantly moving.


11 Responses to "Kings Cross Study, London"

Bobby, nice sketch–I could not agree with you more about sketching from life vs. photos. I’ve found that as long as I use photos purely for the most basic of reference and rely more on my notes and on site sketches, I can usually grab that motion and get it into a painting.

Your ink drawings are really good, very gestural, I’ll have a look around

best, Anne (

Thanks for stopping by my spot and leaving comments. I hope you’ll return often. I’m going to check out your spot now.

I especially noticed the lankiness of the people in your sketches. Was everyone in your field of view skinny? Not a criticism at all, but an observation about your surroundings. Love the third one best. BTW. Something about the viewscreen in the background makes it very appealling.

Sorry about the ambiguity in my post, it is a site called sketch swap where immediately when the page loads you get to draw something, you enter it, and can see what someone else has drawn. I said the phrase “draw more” since i go to art school, draw a ton, and most who read my blog go to art school as well. I see you draw as well, do you go to school for it or is it something you just enjoy/ make money from doing?

Thank you for the comment I will add your artblog to my ‘BlogRoll’…Alot of people have commented on the biro drawings. I believe its the best way for an artist to record a subject is directly. When we draw from a photo especially one we have not taken personally we are observing second hand experiences.

You have some nice work on your site and I will add your site to my BlogRoll also, thanks for checking my work out and I will keep visiting your site through RSS subscription.

Don’t worry about the criticism it is a good thing…I got taught at art college not to ask what is good but what is wrong. From that feedback I can decide which I believe is correct and which I disagree with.

I believe on this occasion you have a point and this is caused from my viewpoint (sat on the floor) which has distorted my perspective. I think my style also lends it self to this sketch unintentionally. The third sketch you like is the original and the display board you like I decided to remove from the 2 sketch and think I will stick with this for the final painting…I will take on board your thin and long comments though:)

Bit confused about your post and what you are asking but post the link here and I will check your site out. I did go to Art College and graduated in 1997. ‘Leeds College of Art & Design’ ironically was the same school my mother attended who was a fashion designer.

AS I mentioned before I will make a real effort to keep connected with my audience, hope these answers and comments help serve this purpose.


hi , I am usually rubbish at reading other ‘s blogs. Although I expect people to read mine , i am even worse at leaving comments. So consider yourself lucky!

I really like the way that you describe your thought process, I find it very hard to talk about works in progress ,i think because it feels instinctive and I guess don’t think that is worth verbalising. A friend checked out your blog and said that I should be explaining my process more like you. She is right as it goes.

your drawings have a contemporary illustrational feel to them. Very free and unfussy. The pointy shoes remind me of Kirchner’s Street Scenes.

hope it goes well for you!


Hi Dean

Thank you for your feedback. With regards to describing the thought process my inspiration to document the progression originated from musicians believe it or not.

When I was younger I hung around with allot of musicians not only for live performances but in rehearsals too. As a witness to these highly creative sessions it was not only a brilliant insight into the creation of music but highly rewarding for me, I even sometimes contributed through the occasional observation of an arrangement.

But I always commented to the bands as a spectator how I sometimes preferred the rehearsal process to a live performance…there was always a sense of rawness, not knowing what was going to happen next and how the final tune would end up.

Visual artist tend to like keeping the creative process secretive but I have no problem sharing a seat on my journey and would encourage any other artist to share there’s too.

Good luck and post your site here so I can check it out.


Great sketching from life. Isn’t it annoying the way people insist on moving around, just when you’ve almost got them down on paper? My favorite is the fourth figure from the left – you can really feel her graceful movement.

nice blog you’ve got here…you’ve got more soul with your pen & ink than I could ever muster without using paint!…thanks for finding my blog… I’ll be sure to check back once in a while…

Great sketching from life. Isn’t it annoying the way people insist on moving around, just when you’ve almost got them down on paper?

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