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The view from my lounge

Posted on: November 8, 2008

My-lounge-view, biro on paper (2008)

My-lounge-view, biro on paper (2008)

Last week I posted a painting of my back fence so I thought this week I would observe record and post the view from the opposite view, my front lounge! Large Version

Not the most exciting views I concur but it’s a glimpse into the world I see and live in. As I spend most of my time starring out of the front window from the comfort of my own home I thought it was appropriate I include the view I spend most of my time looking at.

After finishing this particular drawing I admitted to myself the regret I had missed the opportunity to sketch the views from all of my front rooms I have lived in, which is allot by the way!. I believe on last count its 7 homes in 5 years and have included a diverse range of properties from a council estate, terraced house, 70’s retro house, new build house, city centre apartment, 17th century cottage in the middle of a woods to my current settlement.

Jezzzzz when you write it down like that it looks quiet bad (amount of homes that is) well my mother did tell me that my father was a gypsy when he was younger and moved around with the fairgrounds allot….might explain a few things hey!


My-lounge-view, Zoom 02, biro (2008)

My-lounge-view, Zoom 02, biro (2008)

Something I should point out is all my drawings that I feature on this art blog are scanned but as some of you might have picked up on its not big enough to capture my A3/A2 drawings. I have to put the picture back together with Photoshop on the computer before posting on this blog. I don’t take photographs of sketches because it doesn’t pick up all the marks I make and dilutes the drawing, in my personal opinion anyway.

By pure accident this process sometimes creates compositions that just work and this is one of them occasions. I have included the drawings on display in zooms 1-4 as I scanned them. See what you think I would be interested to hear what you think of the different crops on display here and if you prefer any of them to the original. A large version of the original sketch can be found here which you may or may not be able to view the seems as I joined the picture together by.

My-lounge-view, Zoom 01, biro (2008)

My-lounge-view, Zoom 01, biro (2008)

My-lounge-view, Zoom 03, biro (2008)

My-lounge-view, Zoom 03, biro (2008)

My-lounge-view, Zoom 04, biro (2008)
My-lounge-view, Zoom 04, biro (2008)

As you observe through life drawing you notice allot you may not have seen before. For example on this particular sketch I never even noticed the amount of wires which kriss cross the entire street and these I believe are our phone lines, the very line I am able to communicate to you the reader of this blog through.

The other stand out feature for me is patterns we as humans seem to establish when we create or build just about anything, we love them! As you can see on this particular zoom the bricks, tiles and windows all have a pattern or to use another word order.

Other details which you may or may not be able to see is the train which is passing by from right to left in the foreground just below the tower block, which I never knew was there until you start to look closely at your familiar environment.

Let me know your thoughts on this sketch and would be good to hear stories of your front views!

Bobby Mookini



11 Responses to "The view from my lounge"

hey Bobby,

I like the idea of taking a moment to really look at and mentally record the detail of something so familiar to us we barely see it anymore. With the patterned, repetitive detail in your chosen scene i can imagine it must have been almost a meditative excersice.

Hi Chantal.

Taking our close environments for granted is something we all do and it’s amazing what you see when you look a little closer! Kind of letting people into my inner environment in a way!

Yes it was defo a meditative exercise and enjoyed the looseness of the sketching (i.e. all the wonky brick work). There is something very British which I like about it.also!


When I clicked on your blog this morning my immediate thought was … ‘wow that looks like England?’.. Oh Duh!!
Must admit I didn’t know you were living over here I must have lost something in translation….

Anyway, back to the sketch. It is one I could look at again and again and see something new.

I really like it. It so looks like the NW of England particularly around the Manchester area. The familiar red brick semi detached houses with red slate rooves and the looming 70s built tower block on the horizon.

Yep those wires are the telephone cables that festoon almost ever street in Britain … I do love the analogue aerials on the chimney pots. It captures the here and now, this is how it is….. a bit like Lowry, if you get my drift ?

Great sketch! I like how you did the roof and all the little details! šŸ™‚

Like 70’s I thought, wow that’s definitely Oop Norf and very very familiar šŸ™‚

Hello 70steen.

Apologies for the delay with my response to your feedback, very busy bee at work…need Zzzzzz

I’m from and live in Leeds and this sketch is the view from my living room. Good assumption to pin point it to the NW though.

May be my painting from a trip to Miami which might have confused where I’m from.

Lowry is a very big compliment! Both Lowry and Hockney are artist I appreciate as they record what they see for me to look into there world and how they see it, core principles to great paintings me thinks!

Hello Heather
Thank you for your feedback and glad you liked the detail in the roof.

Hey Claire
Good to see you have revisited my blog and for your kind comment. Think I will take time to observe more of my local surroundings before venturing further a field!

New post coming soon!

Bobby Mookini

Wow Bobby those are some really great drawings. Honestly at first i didn’t they were drawings but just photos that went through photoshop for a gradient change. But, after closer inspection you could tell it was hand drawn. And with many details at that. Good Art my friend!

great drawings! i think you need more variety on yur lines
good luck!

First, I’ll have to thank you for your comment on my site. Since then (and it was some weeks ago), I’ve visited your blog a few times. I do like your approach to what you’re doing; basic, artisan, open, humoristic. Honest.
I’ll be back. Wish you the best of luck!

It takes very little to confuse me šŸ™‚

Know what you mean about work it does cramp all that you would prefer to be doing

Core principles indeed .. it also acts as a social record of our times

Hope to se you posting again soon

just checking my ‘feed’ had not let me down… here’s hoping you are creating whilst not blogging šŸ™‚

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